Star Ceilings

Fiber Optic Star Ceilings

The most realistic Fiber Optic Star Ceiling for your bedroom,

bathroom, Home Theater, luxury yacht or any other

romantic place to create a magical ambiance.


Fusion Synergy’s Arya fiber optic panels are the newest technology in RGBW digital star lighting. “Admiring the night sky can be even more enjoyable indoors with the use of our star ceiling Panel”.


Provide your clients the ultimate effect in ceiling design with star clusters and shooting stars with the convenience of clean and simple installation.


Sparkling pinpoints of light appear through fabric wrapped fiberglass panels. Star Panels can be customized by shape, size, quantity, and patterns of light per panels.


Unlimited selection of light patterns is available from a random spacing as in a star field to custom designs and pictures. Light can move, pulse, sequence or alternate to provide unique effects or can simply appear together. Panels may also be used in ceilings, walls for accent panels, limousines, or other custom applications. Custom finishes to accent all color scenes. Custom sizes available. Special

color effects can be achieved by using colored LEDs.

Bring the night sky into your business or home!


Fusion Synergy is offering a special offer on our RGBW star ceilings throughout the year of 2022. Purchase a star ceiling without any control restrictions. Access the array of scenes and shows available on our iOS and Android Bluetooth app.